I ordered a custom set of acrylic drums from Dana and man did they turn out awesome! First of all, Dana listened to everything that I wanted to do to make these drums exactly what I wanted and how I wanted them. He never minded the constant calls checking for status and wanting in progress pics and so forth. And when these things were done, man what beautiful construction! Dana put a great bearing edge on all of the drums and I can simply lay the head on these things and get tone! I can tap the drums with me fingers and they just hum. Beautiful hardware components as well set off the Fluorescent green color of the drums. I use black lights for our shows and it gives the drums a 'radioactive' glow. Visually and sonically these drums are show stoppers!!! I also had the joy of getting a beautiful auxiliary snare shortly afterward. I wanted to get a special custom wrap for this based on the snakeskin wrist band for a watch. Dana sourced a wrap for me that was perfect! Not to mention the snare pops like a pistol! If you want truly custom drums made by someone who loves what they do and makes sure it shows in his work Dana is your man! You will not be disappointed! I am gonna have him make me a new one soon!

Will Whitaker Drummer,
Notorious Bettie


Best sounding and most attractive kit I have ever played. Something "Magical" about a Mediceman kit.
If beauty and sound is your criteria, Medicineman Custom Drums are for you.
Jack Brown
Zanesville, OH.


"Twenty years ago I had the idea of a custom diamond plate kit. I knew what I wanted it to look and sound like.
I teamed up with Dana Cheney from Medicine Man Custom Drums on the design and specifications of this drum kit I had a vision of. Over the years I had spoke to many of the big drum companies about doing this kit and their prices and ideas of how this kit should be done were much different than mine. When I spoke to Dana about building the kit, he "Got It" right away and my vision became his also. From the design, wood, tone, down to the last lug he understood what I was looking for. I've played drums from almost every major drum company out there, and I'm telling ya.... There is not a drum kit out there that looks and sounds like a Medicine Man Custom Drum kit. My kit sounds incredible on its own acoustically. Every drum tuned wide open with absolutely no muffling (Except for the bass drum), and I get full lush dynamic drum tones with absolutely no harsh unwanted over tones. I have never owned a kit that hasn't needed at least a little muffling on the floor toms until now.
I debuted this kit on shows I did opening for Judas Priest in August of '09. This kit mic'ed up sounded like thunder. I was in absolute heaven and my vision became reality. Every front of house sound engineer has said that this was the best sounding , and easiest kit to get dialed in. Not only is that great to hear, but is an absolute credit to Dana and Medicine Man Custom Drums for their art in building the best drum kits they can.

Trust me when I say.... They build drums right and take pride in doing it.
If you're looking for a custom drum kit with the sound, look, and unique stamp you want to call your own... Look no further than Medicine Man Custom Drums. They'll build you what you want and you won't ever want to play anything else."

J. Boomer Grenier


Hey Dana, man.... this snare is awesome!!!!!!!! I love everything about it, the crack that snare puts out is what i ' ve been after for a long time!, the black hardware is just beautiful work! really, really happy with it, you did a great job on it, when i came home tonite and played it, i threw down a nasty snare part from one of our songs, and the way it came out was amazing, so amazing that it sounded furious! so i named my snare.... 5 Ton Fury!!!!!!

Andy McCoy
Pickerington, Ohio

So, you went to your local mega music mart and purchased a cookie cutter DW, Tama, Pearl, Orange County, etc...drum kit and paid way more than you should have. Why? Why would you do that when you could pick up the phone, call Dana Cheney at Medicine Man and have the best sounding, best looking kit on the planet. I've been an endorser with Medicine Man since 2000 and have had 2 kits, more on the way soon!!!, and I have been floored with their quality, sound, and looks. Every sound engineer live and In the studio have done nothing but rave about their sound. The kick is huge, the toms sing, and the floor tom is thunderous. The snare is nothing short of phenomenal with great tone, plenty of volume and sensitivity and is very very versitile. The customer/artist service that Dana provides is second to none, and I am fortunate to call Dana a great friend as well. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, give Dana a call, and make your dream kit a reality.

Thom Edmonds
"Phil Urban and the TCB Band"

Want the drums you Deserve? Medicineman Custom drums have done that for me!
The tone and attack is absolutely amazing. My Medicineman drums are by far the best drums I have ever played and "I'll TELL YOU WHY." Medicineman Custom Drums took the time to talk and work with me to get what I wanted in a drum kit. The Maple shells are also finished on the inside as well as the hardware Allen screws inside the drum are a great upgrade. Let alone I got a great custom finish.

If your looking for a great sounding, looking, Custom drum kit. There is no better than Medicineman Custom drums. I have been playing drums for over 20 years and play in two bands. I have had a lot of drum kits over the years and I have to tell you, I will never buy another drum kit unless its a Medicineman drum ever again. Simply put, Medicineman drums Rock. So Get what you deserve get a Medicineman Custom drum kit ! Check it out!

Mike Gallagher
Akron, Ohio

As soon as I set up my new acrylic drums (8x12,16x16,18x22) and got to
playing, I was amazed at how quickly these things fell in tune. The drums
sound really huge, and that kick has a great boom to it. I love how the
acrylics have that vintage sound. Plus they really turn some heads. God Bless!

Ryan DeBernardo
Stratford, CT.

"Dana Cheney the master craftsman of Medicine Man Custom Drums has become a true friend during the years of creating the most astounding kits I've ever played on. Dana is a very creative & meticulous custom drum maker. During the years I've known him, Dana has made several kits for me that were all very different from one another: short stack kits with 18" bass drums that would rock your world; beautiful acrylic kits in stunning swirled colors; and several maple kits that are flawless in sound & beauty. I feel truly honored to call Dana Cheney my friend, and to be endorsing Medicine Man Custom Drums."-

Scott Nickerson

Medicine Man Custom Drums are some outstanding built kits. Not only are they great sounding drums, but also have a very unique look. I have used my Medicina Man kit for live shows and also in recording studios and these drums never fail to sound great! I am a rock/metal hard hitting drummer and these kits are built to take any type of playing. The staff and Dana at Medicine Man are great people to work with and can build you any kit you imagine like they did for me. So if your looking for a new drum set, I would definatly recommend checking these guys out!

Obe Babakhan

To Drummers Everywhere:

I wanted to take a minute and write a quick note about Medicine Man Custom Drums. I have been playing the drums for the past twenty (20)+ years and have played many different manufacturers drumkits in many different musical settings. I have most recently played with a touring corporate entertainment band that travels throughout the midwest. I have shared the stage with bands such as Earth Wind & Fire, Morris Day & The Time and Whitesnake (go figure). I am currently on my 3rd Medicine Man Custom Drum kit (and it will probably be my last kit). My first kit was a "rock kit" with a 24" kick 12, 13 and 16 toms that was "thunderous". My second kit was a 22 x 18, 10 x 6, 12 x 6 and 14 x 7 that had great tone and I recorded a CD with a Funk/R&B band with that kit. It had great warmth and tone. The kit that I am playing now is by far the best sounding drum kit that I have ever played on. I cant tell you how many times different sound engineers comment on the sound of the kit. My kit now is 20 x 16, 10 x 7, 12 x 8 and 14 x 11 with a number of different MMCD snares. This kit is very versitile and easy to tune. It has a number of different tuning ranges that will work. I can tune it up for jazz or tune it down for funk or rock and it always seems to stay in tune.

Aside from the drums themselves Dana Cheney is a great person to work with. When we were in the process of putting my new kit together he was very helpful with getting me the exact sound and finish out of my new kit.

I would highly recommend Dana and Medicine Man Custom Drums. I would put them up against any other kits out there in a heartbeat.

Tony Spector
Indianapolis, IN.

Dear Medicine Man Drums, The way you work on the drums and work with the customer is unmatched.

You took time to communicate with me, an up and coming nobody, and to work
to make the perfect drumset for me. Ever since I have had my drums, which
look amazing, I have been impressing all of my friends and other drummers
with the fantastic look and sound that eminates from my beautiful Medicine
Man Drumset...

Thanks so much Dana for doing great work... I know that if i ever need any
new drums or modifications to my current ones I can always come to Medicine
Man Drums.

Thanks a ton......

Jordan Knight
Washington, MO.

In January 2000 I was on a quest for a new drum set. I looked at all of the big name companies and was very interested in a few. Then one day I was looking in the classifieds in the back of Modern Drummer magazine, looking for some new wrap for a kit that I currently owned and saw Medicine Man custom drums. I looked up the web page and saw that Dana was in Ohio, my home state and gave him a call.
My search was done!!! Over the next few weeks through emails and phone calls Dana helped me put a kit together that would suit me and my style of drumming. I decided on a 7 pc kit finished in polar ice wrap with black hardware, the sizes are an 18x22 kick drum ,8x10, 8x12 mounted toms with rims mounts, 13x15 and 14x18 floor toms and 6x13 and 6x10 snare drums. On choosing the wrap, I was having a really hard time, dana sent me 2 samples and I found the polar ice to be stunning, and with the black hardware against it, it truly is stunning. I was blown away when I first picked them up, the sound was exactly what I was hoping for. This is my dream kit, the look and the sound are absolutely amazing. I also ordered wood hoops for the 18” floor tom in case I ever wanted to use it as a kick drum, well, I have, and this little baby sounds just as good or better than most 22” bass drums. The toms are alive with tone and bottom end to say the least, the kick drum is what a kick drum should be, fat and punchy and full of tone. Both snare drums are great also. I recently purchased a 7x13 edge snare from drum workshop, and find my self going back to the medicine man snare almost every time I play my kit. Buy medicine man, dana knows his stuff when it comes to drums, and most important to me is that dana values YOU as a customer, your questions will be answered quickly and your dream kit will look and sound even better than you want it to!

Mike Fry
Canton Ohio

When I think of Medicine Man Drums, I think of Confidence, Success and
Perseverance. Ever since Dana has blessed me with his craftsmanship, I
haven't gone in any direction except up! The choice of color, material and
the awesome sound you get from the shells, remind you that the drums Are
you, and Only You! "Confidence, Success, Perseverance. Medicine Man Drums"


Will Mathiasen

I have been playing Drums for a few years now. Since I started playing, I have grown a lot as a drummer, and have practiced so hard and gotten very interested in Drums and Percussion, in general. One day I was on a band's website, and saw under "Gear Used," it said "Medicine Man Drums." I had never heard of them, but months later, I remembered the name.
After I got really serious and matured as a drum player, I became interested in getting my own custom kit. I wanted a set that stood out. I want it to stand out with its looks. I wanted it to have an amazing sound to it. I wanted it to be MY drum set...Not something you could find at Guitar Center...but something you could call "MANNY'S DRUMSET." Totally Custom. And I didnt have to look far.
I have been on SO many custom drum company's website, from big companies to little custom shops in little towns, looking at what the artist's play, and what finishes they have and what sizes their drums are. I remembered the name, Medicine Man Drums, so I looked for there site. And my mind was made up. I do not know what it was, really, that made me know that Medicine Man Drums was for me, but I took a gamble. I spoke to Dana through EMail, and told him about the kit i would want.
Not only did Dana E-Mail me back right away, but he also called me a few days later. We talked about the finish I wanted, and the custom sizes I wanted, and Dana was working with me in every way. I didn't want my Sparkle a Wrap, so he told me about how he could do that for me, without a problem, just a bunch of finish work. We talked it all out, and I sent out the Money Order, and just waited for the kit of my Dreams.

I got my Drums in a few weeks ago, and the Finish shocked me! I wasnt sure what shade it would come out as, but what I got blew me away!! I quickly set them up, changed the heads, (although the stock heads i got sounded sick, as they were), tuned them and just jammed for hours. They sound AMAZING!! The Bass knocks me out!! I have never had a kick drum larger than 16 inches deep, and this one is 20...and the sound I get out of it is awesome! I also love the compact Rack tom (7x12) I got with my kit, and the tone i get out of that is wicked, too. I tuned up my Floor tom nice, too. And the whole kit sounds so great. I played a show with it this past weekend, and I was so stoked at how they sounded. I got a bunch of comments about it and how nice it looked and how great they sounded! I told a bunch of people about Medicine Man!!
I just ordered a Snare from Dana, and will be getting that in a few months or so. I cannot wait until then. I also cannot wait to record some songs on this kit with my band. I can get so many awesome sounds out of this kit. Now that I have played on the kit, I realize that it makes me play better, and changes up my playing style, just a little bit!! Medicine Man Drums was Definitly the PERFECT choise for me, Hands down! I am so thrilled I found a company, and an awesome dude to make the "mannY Drum Kit" just the way it should be. Dana Cheney will give you AMAZING service...he will treat you right, and charge you less than he should, and when you unpack your boxes from Medicine Man, you will be in awe. I have never had a complaint for MMCD, and I dont think I ever will. Thank you Dana...thank you sooo much dude...as long as your Drums are around...mannY will be here to Rock em Out!!

God Bless......

....mannY Mavrakis..
New York

Like a Picasso or a Rembrandt are to art, so is Dana Cheney and Medincine
Man Drums to the world of music. Medicine Man Drums truly are masterpieces
in themselves. Never before have I heard nor played on such a great
sounding, quality drum kit like the ones Dana creates.
Thank you Dana for the chance to get to own some of your work. You truly are
blessed! God Bess....

Seth Jeter
Maryville, TN

Dear Dana: I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed playing the all maple 5.5 x 14 snare you built for me nearly two years ago. I have put many hours of playing on that drum, using it for many different musical styles. What I especially like about it is the sensitivity, tunability, and warmth. I am sure much of that has to do with your superior bearing edge design, allowing for proper seating of the drum heads. This fine snare drum has made a simply wonderful addition to my jazz kit. Also, the workmanship on the drum is simply first rate. The quality of the metal work, fasteners, and throw-off are great. And wow ! ...that beautiful burnt orange finish cannot be beat !

So, my hat is off to you and your company for continuing to build professional quality kits for all of us drummers out here, regardless of whether we play jazz, rock, country or Latin styles. I have heard several of your custom made kits, and can attest they they are among the best sounding, and best looking, drums anywhere, regardless of price.

Respectfully yours:
Gary M. Frey
Jazz Drummer
Zanesville, Ohio

My Medicine Man custom kit is truly phenominal! Every show I get a new compliment on the amazing sound I get coming from an acrylic drum and not to mention the highest quality powdercoatings on the market. They are most definately the next custom drum company on the rise and will soon be the demand of thousands of drummers worldwide. When I'm on stage Medicine Man Custom Drums are the only drums I trust to do the job and get it done it right!


Jarad Bean

One day I went shopping for drums and the only decent drum store around was Richie's Drum Exchange. My eyes were automaticlly drawn to the only unique looking kit on the floor. I was totally in aww of it. I decided to wait spite the fact that this was the only opportunity to own it. I took the chance, 2 months had passed, and the kit was still on the floor. In that moment I knew it was destiny. I get countless compliment on its finish, superb sound, and it's overall glow. People from all around had come to that same store to get a taste of what I own now. I consider this to be my biggest accomplishment as of now, and I also know this will make me better at what I do.

The funniest fact of it all, I didn't even play my Medicine Man kit until I officially owned them. It took me six months to pay them off, and all I went with was my sure gut feelings. I had made the most confident choice I had ever made. It is like if I were to go to a Porsche dealership, excellence and precision goes into each car. Oh my gosh when I finally got to play them, there were no words to explain. My first thought was, "I.....own this", cycling over and over in my head almost psychoticlly. I felt I could never deserve this. Joy has been restored over and over again everytime I get to play them. Drumming is the cornerstone of life, the very breath of it, and now I sound the way I play. Medicine Man drums compliments my style, depth, and emotions in every way.

Robert Powers

After I heard Dana play one of his Medicine Man custom maple snares 3 years ago I had to have one of my own. Since then I have purchased a 6 piece black acrylic set that looks and sounds like nothing else. Recently my wife bought me a Medicine Man Brass snare drum that sounds better than my old vintage brass Slingerland concert snare drum. Not only can Dana build great drums he also refurbished my 1968 Slingerland maple drum kit for my daughter and it sounds like a whole new drum kit. The service, price and quality is as good as it gets!

Dr. Jeff Williams
Zanesville, Ohio

Hi my name is Matt Judd,I had a custom kit built by Medicine Man Drums, and
I, have to say "it's the best drum sound from any drums I have played in the
past. I have been playing drums since i was 7, I'm now 37, so i know a
little about drums. In my opinion Medicine Man Drums are top of the line and
I know because I have played on drums such as DW, Yamaha, Slingerland,
Pearl, Ludwig, Tama, etc.. Dana is a great guy too. He works with you to
find out just what your looking for in order to make the drums for you, your
own, and since his drums are built by hand, from the master himself, you
will see the the vision you're after. So if your thinking of having a custom
kit built for yourself, Medicine Man Custom Drums are the only way to go.
What can i say other then I Love My Drums..... Thanks Dana!

Matt Judd
Stow, Ohio

I've been banging away at my share of drums for about 8 years now and I have
finally found an amazing kit that both looks and sounds great! I recently
received my own custom Medicine Man drum kit, and i must say i was in awe
when I first laid my eyes on it. I was also amazed as I set up the beautiful
kit and for the first time played them. The tOms that I got are
(12x9)&(16x14), which speak with an awesome voice. The Bass (20x20) has a
very punchy sound to it. Snare (6x13) is crisp and delightful which oustands
any onther I've ever played!!
If you want a great sounding cutom drum kit like mine, that sounds and looks
amazing, then you should definetly give Dana Cheney at Medicine Man Drums a
call. Jamie Sharpe

Unbelievable, perfect, untouchable, second to none. All of these comments
don't do justice to how I feel about my Medicine Man drum kit. Im not even
sure what words to use to compare my Medicine Man drums to what I have owned
in the past. I most recently used DW drums for years, prior to that having
owned Pearl Masters, Yamaha and snares from Noble & Cooley and other custom
drum company's. I LOVE MY MEDICINEMAN KIT!! I can't think of any other way
to put it. The most detail, perfectly matched and colored, the sound is out
of this world, I couldnt have even imagined them better then what Dana
brought to life for me. Endorsed or not, I will ALWAYS play Medicine Man,
Always. Thanks for the excellent work Dana. Anthony Garrett
Nashville, TN

"Medicineman Custom Drums are without a doubt the best "bang" for the buck! Quality construction and awe inspiring graphics and finishes alone are worth
the price, but the part that you will love is the amazing tone and punch
that comes from MM drums all maple shells. In small clubs with little to no
P.A. these drums will project and blend amazingly well with the rest of the
band. Dana is extremely skilled in his craft and is amazingly easy to work

Marty Williamson (A Day To Fall)
Clovie, NM.

Over the past 15 years I have played every kit out there from DW to Pearl to Yamaha, so I know drums. Over the past three years I have exclusively played Medicine Man Drums and can’t see myself playing anything else EVER. They sound the best, look the best, and keep the crowd bouncing night after night.

Chris Winder
Zero Rain
Columbus, Ohio

I would like to take this time to say how much i appreciate Dana and evryone
at Medicineman Drums. Dana has supported me for 2 yrs now and i could not
have asked for a better drum sponser or drum set for that matter. I have
used my Medicine Man kit for 200 plus shows and many studio sessions and has
NEVER let me down. The sound from the drums is very smooth, direct and with
the punch that I need for the heavy songs in my band "Paris Is Burning". I
was very proud to be the first owner of a custom MM solid brass snare and
the sound is AMAZING!! It cuts through the entire band and gives me that
edge to carry the whole concert through. My custom Medidicine Man kit is a
one of a kind hand made work of art and sound, that I am proud to play every
night. Thanks again Dana and everyone at MM for helping make my dream really

Doug Tackitt
"Paris Is Burning"
Miami, Florida

Music (and my band) provide a stress relief that keeps me sane. When I
started playing drums again, I assembled my "dream kit". Dana Cheney and
Medicine Man Drums were at the top of my list. Edward Zampella, MD
New Jersey

Medicine Man Drums are some of the best drums out there on the market. Everything is actually completely custom from the sizes and finishes, to the tension rods. The finish options are practically limitless, and the sound can be your own unique sound or you can have a sound like another kit that you've heard before. Dana is easy to work with, he stands behind his product 100%, and the pricing blows everyone else out of the water. I've been with Medicine Man for 5 years now, and I've had acrylic and maple drums. The acrylics are better than any other acrylic drums I have ever heard (nothing like the old Ludwig Vistalites). The maples are right up there with all of the best, DW, OCDP, Truth, Risen, Tama Starclassic Maple, Mapex Orion, Gretsch USA, Pearl Masters, and any of the high end drums. If you're looking for a high end drum set without the price of hype then you want Medicine Man. I love these drums. Thank you Dana.

Andy Morris

Fellow Drumers,
Medicine Man Drums are drums that are obviously crafted by drummers for
drummers. The detail of design and precision of the reverse bearing edges
sends these custom drums miles ahead of most custom drum companies. The
owner of Medicine Man, Dana Cheney, worked with me step by step in the
decision process to make sure that I got the visual appeal and tone that I
wanted out of my custom kit. Thanks Dana and Medicine Man for all of your
hard work to ensure that I'm playing a killer set.

Eric Howell
Drummer/Percussionist for Beautiful Muse www.beautifulmuseband.com

I just want everyone to know how amazing these Medicine Man drums are. From the incredible shells, to the amazing sound , they just don't get any better. I've also got many people complimenting the looks and sound.

Thanks for everything Dana. I feel proud to play these drums.

Thanks and God Bless

Rick Treglia
Mingo Junction, OH

About two years ago I was looking to get a high-quality, custom made drumset. After browsing the usual brand name companies associated with the job I was rather concerned about both personalization and prices. Through various resources, the name Medicine Man Custom Drums came around and I thought I would check them out. After spending some time on the website, and speaking back and forth with Dana via emails and phone calls I decided to give them a try. Dana worked with me through the entire process, paying close attention to details and giving me exactly what I was looking for. His customer service was far beyond any I had ever experienced! Getting a MMCD set made by Dana Cheney was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made as a drummer. The final product was far beyond what I had expected, and sounds even better than it looks! If you're looking for the highest quality product with the absolute best prices and customer service you could possibly find, then look no further than Dana Cheney and Medicine Man Custom Drums.

Austin Hodges
"The Aurora Jazz Project"
Bangor, ME

"I've been a drummer for twenty-eight years, and have played 'Ludwig' and 'Pearl' drums exclusively throughout my drumming career. I was turned on to 'Medicine Man Custom Drums', and Dana Cheney, by my good Friend, Jakson Spires. I didn't know much about Dana and the company at first. When Jak was in town, he'd usually use my kit just because of the 'logistics',(Jak hauling anything of his own). The day did come Jak brought his own drums to play, and it was a custom set built by Dana, "Medicine Man Custom Drums". There is truly 'magic' in the 'product'. The ambiance, craftsmanship, tone, consummate sound, (of course I could go on), that these drums demonstrated sold me on 'em from the start. I felt "I had to get me some of these!" We lost our dear Friend, Jakson, tragically and untimely recently, so I had a 'need', if you will, to contact Dana. Dana is a beloved Friend of Jakson's as well.

I now own an exact replica of the drums built for Jakson, and I must say- 'There's no doubt there's magic in the product!' These are the finest drums I have ever sat behind in my life! Dana, I thank you- the man! I thank Jakson for bringing us together. Being from the south, I assure you all there's still southern thunder with my 'Medicine Man Custom Drum set". If you're not playing "Medicine Man Custom Drums", you could be a better drummer!
God speed, Dana, and God Bless! Much continued success!"

Dave Barnhart
Myrtle Beach, SC

Three words-SIMPLY THE BEST! When it comes to quality,sound,and finishes,the
Medicine Man Company makes a road or recording worthy drum. The customer
involvement that Dana gives to everyone that calls,from any size to any
sound,they can make it!

I've been playing for 14 years and the product that Dana produces is hands
down the best.

Al Christianson
Williston, ND

When I first heard a Medicine Man Custom Drum Kit, I was blown away. I saw the fine craftmanship and time that was put into every detail, and from then on I new I had to have one. I am now the owner of the most beautiful drum kit in the world. The tonal quality and projection I get from these drums is amazing.
The lime green stain is one of the best stain jobs I have ever seen. My kit (22x20, 12x6, 14x10) is beautifully crafted and sounds amazing, live and recorded. Dana and his company took the time to make sure everything was to the highest quality and standard it could be. If you think you know good drums(dw, tama, yamaha etc.) you dont know anything until you've heard , played or owned your own Medicine Man Custom kit.
I recomend them to any percussionist who wont settle for mediocrity anymore, and wants the best.
Thank you Dana , and God Bless

Cam Jones
River View, Florida
(Upper Hand)

Dana did a custom snare build for me. My nine year old had a birthday coming up and I bought him this unique thirty ply shell and told him to design his own snare. We looked at a lot of wraps and lacquer finishes and hardware configurations on a ton of web sites. My boy got it in his head that he wanted a drum that reflected his appreciation of Michigan Wolverine football. So given a task of turning this shell into navy and gold in just a few weeks I followed up on a referral to Dana the Medicine Man.

He found me the lugs that would work with a 4" shell and did a sensational job of powder coating all the hardware to that bright yellow color I required. The blue glass wrap job was perfect. The drum is just magnificent. Dana met my time constraint and on my boy's birthday, he was just blown away with how the reality met his expectations. Now he has something that he designed with a super unique sound and Dana was the one guy I found that could make the whole thing come together.

I highly recommend Dana and Medicine Man.


Gary Sabshon
Collector, Player and Dad

I was looking through drum catalogs for a new snare drum, as I usually by only Ludwig drums. As I looked, I noticed that they all look the same, and sound the same for the most part.

I stumbled upon a web sight for custom made drums, and as I paged through, I saw real quality being advertised, as well as DRUMS Made to order. I thought that I could Never afford such a drum, until I looked at the price. WOW, my Ludwig factory drum,made in Canada,cost way more than these. Could I actually afford a custom made snare? I was on my way to Ohio to see for my self just who was behind these drums.

Upon arrival,I got to meet Dana Cheney, the owner and producer of Medicine Man Drums. He was very obliging and kind enough to show me around the small shop where he produces the object of my quest. We looked at different styles, hardware, and color patterns and BOOM!, there it was, the exact color I wanted, "Beatles " Black Pearl, I discussed my requirements and he made notes. A cost was decided on, and I departed feeling like I not only ordered my first "CUSTOM MADE DRUM" but feeling like I made a good friend.

I tried to be patient back at home and in the studio looking at my other Ludwig snares and drums, just imagining,what my new drum would look like set up with my ORIGINAL 1965 BEATLES black Pearl set.

In a couple weeks it was there ,MY DRUM. Dana called and asked if I was satisfied with the out come? OH YEAH!!!! My new snare sounds and looks FANTASTIC! I invited my fellow musicians over for the UNAVAILING and they were all impressed to say the least.

The sound is mellow and strong. The action of the ATTACK Drum Heads is spot on. The snares are crisp,and above all the drum looks FANTASTIC!

I have been drumming for over 45 years in all different types of bands, orchestras, groups, and studios, from small to large, from one side of the country to the other, so I know drums. I own 4 sets of Ludwig drums, and this one from. "Medicine Man Drums",is PERFECT!

I will recommend them to all my drummer friends. If the word gets out, they will have to expand their shop and hire 20 people to keep up with demand.

Dana, My next set will be a "Medicine Man" set.

Thanks for making my drum and Thanks for being a good friend.

Production Company
Chicago, IL.

Medicine Man custom snare drums are the best! I love the tone, the quality, and the workmanship of these drums. I have two snares specialized to my style of playing and that have my name on them. I have guys asking me if they could buy them from me all the time. I really enjoyed working side by side with Medicine Man Custom Drums. They have truly been q blessing to me and my music. I highly recommend this custom drum company to everybody.
After I got each drum, they called me every week to make sure I was totally satisfied. It dosent get any better than that!

CJ Lewis
CJeeze on Drums
Columbia, SC