Antrun "Tron" Sherrills
Concord, NC.

Antrun "Tron" Sherrills started playing the drums at the age of 3, by banging on his mom's pots and pans. He began his musical career as the drummer for his home church, in the Bronx NY, and as the drummer for his family's traditional gospel band. Antrun attended Talent Unlimited High School, in New York, NY and landed his first professional tour at the age of 15. Shortly after High School Antrun joined the gospel band Darrell McFadden and the Disciples ("DMD").

Honing his skills as a pocket drummer, Antrun landed his first R&B tour with the group Men of Vision. To date he has toured with Men of Vizion, Ruff Endz, Blackstreet, Guy, The 5 Blind boys of Alabama Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson and others. Throughout the 2000s Antrun recorded with major and local gospel artists alike, and in 2008 he co-founded the production team "LeftField", which started as a collective of musicians and has evolved into a record label. In 2011, Antrun, Spanky Williams and Darrell McFadden (all members of the gospel band DMD) launched the record label DMDMG.

Antrun endorses Medicine Man Custom Drums, Vic Firth sticks and Saluda cymbals.

Jakson Spires

Jakson "Thunderfoot" Spires the legendary drummer and founder of the southern rock band "Blackfoot" from Muscle Shoals, AL now with the Rock n Roll Heaven Band. He left his earthly band to join the Great One March 16, 2005.

He played 8x8, 8x10, 10x12, 11x13, 12x14, 14x16, 18x22, and 7x14. All in gloss black finish with black hardware.

Tribute to Jakson Spires

Never has there been, or ever will be- maybe unless and/ or until Jesus walks the earth again- such a spirit to grace us with his presence; touch us with his loving touch; hug us with his gripping arms; love us with his unbiased heart. From humble beginnings to world-wide recognition, one such man took that journey from the stage to your heart, directly. Fighting and finding his way through the crowds, trying to find security to help protect him- until reaching the solitude of his tour bus bunk overseas- to making sure he got to meet; talk to; get to know; lovingly hug or shake your hand; until this time of our parting. It has been almost six decades this mere man has had in order to meet; love; enjoy; and admire all the world into which he was born. Fame, fortune, and freewill may have been his initial driving forces, but this man who has touched so many so deeply realized early on what true life and fortune was all about and set out many, many, years ago to accomplish his goal. For it was truly to get to know each and every individual world-wide and discover how they loved life; enjoyed their passion; pursued what they sought for individually in life. He was a man fascinated with life; of extraordinary talent to please and entertain; and of taking a handful of happiness from the air and handing it to you- for you, and whoever else you wanted, to enjoy while he was there or around- for he wanted to share in your happiness. He knew he would leave you in your happiness to enjoy as long as you wanted. Magic. Well, no. Maybe not. I met Jakson as a drummer, 'wannabe-star'. (As he has had the pleasure of meeting so many of us). Make no mistake- Jak loved the drums. (Not to mention his achievements, awards, records, etc.- it all speaks for itself quite well). Along with being quite the man, Jakson is Indian- well aware constantly of his 'where abouts' and 'surroundings'- not to mention who's around him. If he wasn't comfortable with his 'surroundings', he changed them. Some might have been offended. Most took notice. Jak, by his mere actions and being, changed people for the 'better' without his ever knowing it. Maybe in just hopes of that they would on their own. Lives were affected, irregardless. Nothing could be said here that would overshadow anything else, anybody else, would have to say about this man. Nor, can anything be said here to ease the pain in each and every person who ever had the pleasure of meeting or being in this human being's presence. The point of this writing, I would say, is that angels are, and obviously do, walk amongst us. Maybe, a few more eyes could be opened by these thoughts. I celebrate in the fact that I had the pleasure of meeting and entertaining this man- verses him entertaining me, which was his life. I feel fortunate, to turn forty this year, that I gave Jak bed; food; and drink along with loving fellowship and joyous occasion afforded to me by a 'higher power' I am so unworthy of. I've known who he was since I was conscious enough to know who he was. He affected me for the better- me as a young child. He was a 'hero' of mine. A 'star' to 'shoot for'. It's been written for centuries; recorded in different ways; but the wise should keep their eyes toward the eastern skies. I lose a true reason for being. A 'mark' to 'try to achieve'. God may have called him home, but he's never leavin' me. Plain and simple. Thank you, Jak. The pleasure's been all mine.

Dave Barnhart

Bob Conrad

Bob Conrad has been playing drums since 1982, most recently in Zoinks! and Prima Volta. He's toured the U.S. seven times with Zoinks! during 1990s, toured Europe and had the priviledge of opening for Green Day in Hawaii.

Bob is proud to be sponsored by Medicine Man Drums. He's playing a Medicine Man custom kit with 8, 10, 12, 14-inch toms and an 18x22-inch kick drum, all in black gloss stain with brass hardware.

Bob can be heard and seen playing here:

Video Clip

Chris Winder

Chris Winder has been playing drums for 23 years and has performed in Regional Bands from 3 different cities. From Darker Daze in Richmond, VA where Chris preceded Lamb of God's Chris Adler to Falling Sky Friday an East Coast Favorite based in Virginia Beach, to the recently disbanded Zero Rain from Columbus, OH. Through his traveled career, two things are apparent in Chris' performance and that is a high level of energy and nothing but the best quality equipment. Chris has been playing Medicine Man Drums for over six years and is on his 3rd custom drum kit. With his energy and long time loyalty we cannot wait to see his next project on stage.

His kit consists of 8x10, 10x12, 12x14, 18x22, and 6x14 all in purple sparkle with chrome hardware.

Bret Clark

Bret Clark is an independent drummer from Nashville, TN.

Playing Medicine Man Snares: 5x14 Turquoise Sparkle, 6x14 Silver Sparkle.

P.J. Clevenger

Native of Great Falls, MT, started playing drums at the age of 10. He is the backbone of Voodoo Temple, P.J.'s rampaging is influenced by Igor Cavalera, Vinnie Paul, Tommy Lee, Mike Portnoy, and Stet Howland.

His kit is comprised of a 9 piece Medicine Man custom kit with 13 Saluda cymbals mounted on a Gibraltar rack. He uses Pearl & DW hardware, Capella drumsticks, and a shitload of attitude.

P.J. is part of the Medicine Man

Eric Howell
Sylacauga, AL

Eric has been playing Medicine Man Custom Drums since 2003. His kit consists of 7x8, 8x10, 10x12, 13x15, 20x20, and 6x13 vented snare with a 6X10 popcorn snare. All in polar ice pearl with black chrome hardware and the inside stained white for a super clean look. Eric is currently playing with "Brandon Morgan Band" and freelances with several bands in the southeast.

Eric tells us "My Medicine Man kit has been in all types of venues and the versatility always lends itself to the environment I'm playing in."


Paul Petsu

Paul Petsu is from Pompton Lakes, NJ and plays in Hardcore/Grindcore band, Fist of Hypocrisy. Paul plays an 8-piece maple kit in Black Glass Glitter finish. The kit consists of 7x8, 8x10, 9x12, 12x14, and 14x16 toms, with two 18x22 kick drums. Paul also plays three different maple snare drums. A 7x12 sixteen play maple vented in Rasta Fade finish, a 7x13 eight ply maple vented in Red Sparkle finish, and a 5x14 ten play maple vented in a satin lime green finish.

Andy Morris
Granger, IN.

Andy Morris hails from Granger, IN and plays drums and percussion. He marched with Cincinnati Glory in 2000 and now serves as the drummer for The Wild Jacks. Andy has played with Big Head Mode, Taught by Asaph, Kasey Jones, The Esla Project, The Darsee Project, Clifton Newell, Steve Foresman, and The Jess Strantz Band. He has shared the stage with - Kids in the Way, Dizmas, Flatfoot 56, Hawk Nelson, Mark Schultz, John Reuben, Mitch MicVicker, Shannon Curfman, Lenin, Morello, and others. Andy also teaches drums and percussion and plays drums and percussion at Granger Community Church

His Medicine Man kit consists of: Gray stained 6 ply maple kit with 8x8, 8x10, 14x14 toms, 18x20 kick, and 10 ply 6x13 black fade to gray snare with Trick throw-off and black chrome die-cast hoops, 3x10 maple snare, and 6x13 blue sparkle acrylic snare with 4 3/4" vents and Trick throw-off

Check his myspace out for more info.

http://www.myspace. com/andrewalanmorrismusic

Al Christianson

Al Christianson is from Williston, ND and plays with SWITCH, a blues/rock band. He has over 14 years of experience. He is best known for his dynamic playing style and his energy brought to every show. He plays a 7 piece kit with 8x8, 10x8, 12x8, 13x13, 16x16, and an 18x22 kick drum all in natural maple and an 8x10, 10x12, 14x16 toms, an 8x10 mounted side snare, and 18x22 bass drum in custom maroon stain.

John "The Breeze" Ladson

Breeze has had the opportunity to play with international blues artist E.C. Scott. He has gone on to complete three U.S. tours successfully and gain the knowledge needed to handle the road. He went on to work on a nationally released record "The Other Side of Me" which features the likes of blues legend and Music Academy legend Little Milton, award winning engineer and Music Academy board member Steve Savage, award winning producer Larry Batiste, and Guitarist for greats such as Mariah Carey and Chakka Kahn, Vernon Black and E.C. Scott herself. Breeze's development as a solid musician has granted him the opportunity to play with and share the stage and studio with great artists such as piano player for Chuck Berry and Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Johnny Johnson, Blues Hall of Famer Little Milton, Blues legend Bobby Blue Bland, Gospel Gold Artist John P. Key, Smooth Jazz Artist David Sparkman, Indy Pop Artist Terami Hirsch, Jeff Timmons of pop platinum group 98 Degrees and many more.

Breeze plays an assortment of Medicine Man Drums - 10"(2), 12", 14", 16" toms and 20", 22", and 24" bass drums, all in gloss black finish with white gloss powdercoated hardware.


Darryl Chalmers
Queens, NY.

Darryl Chalmers is a professional drummer from Queens, NY, who has been playing drums for 31 years. Darryl has worked with several groups including The Bridge, First Circle, Called, and Chosen. He is currently working with Ufouria featuring outstanding musicians Clarence Haynes, Eric Freeman, and Derek Buchanan.

Darryl has also performed on Fox 5's, The Bill McClary Report and appeared in television commercials featuring the NY based jazz fusion band, Axiom with Mark Gatz, Greg Sam, Ron Conner, and Ron Richardson. Darryl's talent has earned him a Cable Television appearance performing with the band Axiom on Willie Nelson's Rangler Invitational contest in Dallas, Texas.

Darryl states his influences are Collin Young, Adrian Grannum, Glenn
(Chango) Everett, Omar Hakim, Camille Gainer, Dave Weckl, and Dennis Chambers.

He also appreciates the great sounds of his 'Medicine Man' 4x13 piccolo snare drum, in a gloss mahogany finish, which Darryl describes as very crisp and clean that will cut through any music.

Darryl also endorses Stick Gripps.

Jonny Hawkins

From San Antonio, TX, Jonny performs on stage with the energy of rock, the feel of funk, and the finesse of jazz. Jonny is now touring throughout the country with the Texas based rock band "Nothing More". He has performed on various full length albums with Nothing More, Youthquake, and various independent artists. Jonny has shared the stage with names such as: The Burden Brothers, Salvador, 5 Bolt Main, The Newsboys, MXPX, and many other well known artists. When asked about his kit, Jonny usually replies with "I have proven their sound in the studio, their strength on the road, and their aesthetics in photography. Medicine Man Drums are the total package!"

Nicholas Petrillo

Nick comes out of Bradenton, FL. He plays in the Grand Phunk Army, a funk/rock band that's completely unique in itself, and an Indie/Alternative band named The OBP. Nick's kit is a lime green stain, with 7x12, 10x14 toms and an 18x22 kick drum.

Zach Brunner

Hailing from the Pepsi-Cola area of secluded Howell, MI, Zach comes out to show off his talent, and his amazing drums. He plays in the Hardcore/Screamo band "Monte". Monte is touring full-time starting this summer and already has shared the stage with touring acts like Showbread, Brazil, The Hard Lessons, and Tyler Read. Monte is betting their lives on making this happen. Playing The Cornerstone Music Festival this summer with such bands as UnderOath, Norma Jean, The Devil Wears Prada, and The Chariot, they hope to build from there and have the time of their life doing it, especially for the right reason. There is no excuse why you won't have a great time watching Zach and his huge Afro fly around, on his great looking Medicine Man drums! Zach plays an all pure white finish 22x22 kick drum, a 9x12 tom, and a 12x14 floor tom.



Doug Tackitt
Miami Beach, FL.

Doug has over ten years of touring and studio experience under his belt. He has backed many great artists in our business like Rock Ridge recording artist 10 Second Drop, legendary underground experimental project Pigeon Hoof and other South Florida greats, Solo Mayo and Silver.

Doug has had the honor of sharing the stage with many national bands and personal drum heroes during this awesome run. Doug is making the rounds in the South Florida club scene and has played with many versitile and talented Miami artsits such Paris is Burning, Kezia, Dyemi, and The Atomic Radios. He is now recording and writing with Chicago based artist Afentis for an upcoming 2013 cd release and fall tour. His soulful feel on the drums and hard hitting rythyms are alive now more than ever, ready to to groove the world.

Doug plays a 4 piece, all maple custom kit with a printed gun metal gray fade finsh with all chrome hardware. His kit consists of 12" and 14" toms, 22"x18" kick and 6.5"x14" maple snare drum in a custom printed purple to gray fade finish with atom graphics.

Manny Mavrakis

Manny Mavrakis is a 19 year old Christian drummer out of New York. Manny is currently in the alternative rock band A Bridge Apart and used to drum and sing for Emo band called Movie Star Tragedy.

When you see him out at a live show, Manny will blow you away with his sheer insanity and extreme enthusiasm while playing. Playing every second straight for the good of the song, you will enjoy every second of watching Manny inflict pain on his amazing drum kit, the self proclaimed "Spartacus". Inspired by the Christian hardcore scene, Manny hopes to follow in the footsteps of drummer/vocalists such as Aaron Gilespie.

Manny's kit is made up of a 14x16 floor tom, 7x12 rack tom, and a 20x22 kick drum all in Light Blue Sparkle lacquer with white powdercoated hardware. He also plays a 6.5x14 snare drum in white finish with white hardware, and a single flue stripe to match his kit.

Michael T. Gallagher

Music has been a part of Michael's life as far back as he can remember. He received his first drum kit at the age of five and the banging started and never stopped. After seeing KISS on the television, Michael knew what he wanted to do. So at the age of fourteen, Michael started his first band, and was playing shows soon after. The local newspaper even did articles on his young band. Over the next few years, he played in several bands while working on his craft and touring. Michael's training came from years of lessons from a Berkley graduate.

Drumming is an everyday part of Michael's life and a true passion. Live, Michael loves to put on the show that you love to see from a drummer. You can see how much he loves playing as well as interacting with the crowd his band is performing for. Michael has also done session work for many people and has over ten releases, including international releases on Fortune/Hellion records.

Michael plays once again for Dragonwyck, a hard hitting metal band. If you like hard hitting, knock 'em dead kind of drummers, you'll love Michael Gallagher.

Michael's drums include an 18x22 (2) kick, 8x8, 8x10, and 14x14 toms in a Hunter Green finish.

Adam Schwab

Speaking of flair, it's hard not to be entertained by drummer Adam Schwab's stage antics, he's certainly not one to hide behind his kit. He takes a cue from the drummer of his favorite band Motley Crue, and really makes his presence known. Touring the country with his previous band, The Penny Dreadfuls and Courtesy Call in the punk circuit opening for acts like Lagwagon, Swinging Utters, LA Gunns, Unwritten Law, and gracing the stage at the Whiskey A Go Go and CBGB's, has granted him many hours entertaining audiences with his stick tricks. He is currently playing for North Bay's My Last Line and Oakland's The Wearies.

Adam's kit consists of 10x12, 14x16 toms, 18x22 kick, and 6x14 snare all in Silver Glass Glitter finish

Josh Burris

Just hours away from Nashville, TN - music capital of the world - resides an impressive independent session drummer by the name of Josh Burris. He is a remarkable gospel drummer who possesses a professional experience beyond his years. His passion begins within his home church - New Life Deliverance Ministries - and professionalism extends into the realm of live session work and studio session work for recording record label Reformation Records. Josh has played for known artists such as: Jonathan Moore, Mickey Mangun, Jonathan Dean, Bo St. James, Jason D. Williams, Tori Fuller, and saxophonist Kevin Jiles - just to name a few. Josh is also in demand by produces Burton Garr, Greg Alexander, Bryan Lay, and Mike Hardwick. He as also performed various full-length albums for these talented individuals. In addition, he is currently involved with a spectacular rising Black Gospel group, Nu-Way of Livin. Josh's killer chops and impeccable timing will blow you away. Josh exclaims, "I appreciate Medicine Man Drums for letting me represent their unrivaled product. Being a part of Medicine Man Drums is definitely a blessing." He also adds, "Medicine Man Drums is the best kept secret in the drumming industry, and you owe it to yourself to invest in Medicine Man Drums. You won't regret it!"

Josh's kit consists of 8x8 rack tom, 10x8 rack tom, 14x14 floor tom, and 18x20 kick in a black wash finish with black chrome. He also plays a 6x13 alloy custom snare.

Dr. Jeff Williams

Independent Drummer
Zanesville, OH

Jeff has been playing the drums since 1976 and the snare drum has always been his favorite. Four years ago when he first heard a Medicine Man snare drum he knew he had to have one. He now owns three of them and says, "they sound better than anything I have ever heard before." He also has a full Medicine Man drum kit which matches his snares in looks and sound. He says, "I'll never play anything else."

Dr. Jeff's Medicine Man snare drums consist of a 6x12 solid black acrylic with brass hardware, a 6x14 gloss black wood hoop snare, and a 6x13 alloy snare drum. His Medicine Man drum kit has 8x8, 8x10, 10x12, 12x14 toms and an 18x20 kick drum all in solid black acrylic with brass hardware.

Todd Carll

Todd has been drumming since age 4 on his muppet show drum set. He now plays with the national act, Lab Partners on Portland, Oregon’s Reverb Records. He just finished a west coast tour, sharing the stage with the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Angels, The Warlocks, and Brian Jonestown Massacre. He resides in Dayton, Ohio. Todd plays an 8x14 medicine man snare finished in Emerald Green Pearl with all black chrome hardware..

Dave Barnhart
Myrtle Beach, SC.

"Dave Barnhart hails from Atlanta, GA and currently resides in Myrtle Beach, SC drumming for the southern rock outfit "Little Soul". Dave's extensive musical background and talents have allowed him to share the stage with such legendary acts as "STYX", "Foreigner", "Blackfoot", "MollyHatchet", "SRA", and the "Little River Band" just to name a few. He has also worked with grammy nominated producer John Custer and Reese Stevens of DefNation records in N.Hollywood, CA. Dave is honored to own and flaunt the only exact replica of the "Medicine Man Custom Drumset" built for legendary drummer, and personal friend, Jakson "Thunderfoot" Spires of the band "Blackfoot". The specs of the kit are listed under "artist- Jakson Spires" above, and please be sure to read Dave's "testimonial" in that section of this website. "If you're not playing Medicine Man Drums, you could be an even better drummer!".

Jean "Boomer" Grenier
Nashua, NH.

Jean "Boomer" Grenier has been touring professionally for over twenty seven years and has countless hours of studio work under his belt. He is always out on the road with a few different bands or projects and always playing his custom diamond plate Medicine Man kit. Medicine Man Drums introduced the official diamond plate "BOOMER" signature snare in 2012 for retail.

He currently holds endorsements with Medicine Man Drums, Kelly-SHU, Attack Drum Heads, Hot Stick Drum Sticks, Rock N' Roll GangStar Apparel, Serial Drummer Apparell, AV Leader Corporation, BlowIt Fans, Stick Stuff, Spider Energy Drink, and Cymbal Shield among others.

While the new 2013 BOTTOMS UP CD ; "Face Down" is scheduled for an early summer release, he has appeared on these other world wide released CDs & DVDs ; BOTTOMS UP : "Shelter From The Storm" 2010, BOTTOMS UP: "Wild N' Free" 2007 DVD/CD Package, BOTTOMS UP: "Whiskey Down" 2005 CD, ALIVE & KICKIN' (International Anthems Compilation) 2002 CD, "THINKING OF ALICE": A Tribute To Alice Cooper 2001 CD (Which included: Michael Bruce & Neal Smith formally of: THE ALICE COOPER BAND), and FLESH TUXEDO: "Last Night Of Sin" 2000 CD.

Boomer has been a direct support act for rock legends Judas Priest, Scorpions, Jethro Tull, Peter Frampton, and Vince Neil (Motley Crue).

He has also shared the stage with LA. Guns, Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot), Vinnie Appice (Black Sabbath & Dio), Chas West (Jason Bonham Band), Krigger (Guiffria), Dokken, Jimmy Bain (Rainbow & Dio), Pat Badger (Extreme), The Tracii Guns Band, Enuff Z' Nuff, Britny Fox, Pretty Boy Floyd, MASS, Bang Tango, Spread Eagle, Ray West's APW & more.

Keep up with Boomer through his website for all current, shows, appearances and music happenings. It also has links to his Facebook and band websites and pages. You can also download his APP for your iPhone and Android devices.


Christopher DeCarmine
Queens, NY.

Through God mercy and his grace, Christopher DeCarmine was born on June 18, 1984. Inheriting the talent of music from both sides of his family, God bestowed the gift of entering the music profession at age 10 to Chris. During the early years, Chris recorded with the National Choir of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. He worked with various choirs and with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, took Chris to another level once he reached high school.

The talent of music was inherited from both sides of my family but it was the gift from God that allowed me to be in the music business since the age of 10. During those early years I recorded with the National Choir of the Gospel Music workshop Of America and continued my journey while with various choirs but it was the beat of the drum and the anointing of the Holy Spirit that would take me to another level once I reached High School.

I was trained and mentored by professionals in the industry on the art of playing drums. I was even giving the opportunity to play for former president Bill Clinton on two different occasions. This musical journey had given me the opportunity to meet, greet and work along side those musicians in R&B, Hip-Hop and Gospel who I have a great deal of respect for taking me under their wings. I was blessed to meet Omar Hakim, Chris Daddy Dave, the late Ron Kornegay, Anthony Brown, Camile Gainer, Jeff Davis, Nat Townsley, Gerald Heyward, Aaron Spears, Eddie Heyward and Justine Brown just to name a few and who I've come to admire. They opened up a whole new world for me by giving me the advice and those who had time allowed me to train under them gave me the opportunity to play for concerts with various artists, The Gospel Music Workshop of America, record a DVD, perform live on ABC World News Now ...

January 2001-2002 Beach Channel Marching Band and Concert Band.(Playing for the Intrepid in New York, playing for ex-president Bill Clinton at C-air space museum, and with the concert band at Beach Channel High School where I had done a drum solo in his honor.)
June of 2001-Present (Spring Concert)
January of 2001-2005 (Gospel Music Workshop- traveling to different states and performing each year.)
November of 2002 (G.M.W.A video tape recording where i was assisted by mentor Eddie Heyward.)
Essence club 2004-04 (subbing for my other mentor Camile Gainer.)
November of 2006 (Keith Ashmead Praise and Anthems dvd album recording.)
January of 2007 (Performing on an televised TVshow ABC world news now in honor of black history.)
April 22,2007 (Rock Solid Concert)
July 27,2007 (playing for Dorothy Norwood)
July 28,2007 (Greater Second Youth Explosion)
August 17,2007 (Kitra Williams concert)
Oct 21,2007(ChoirDay@Stjhons )

Gerald Ware
Nashville, TN.

Gerald grew up in a house full of music. Everything from jazz, gospel, funk, rock, Motown to whatever was on the radio.
"I was always drawn to music". Just like many other drummers he would beat on pots, pans, boxes, cars, etc. "But, I really had no idea of what being a musician was all about". Officially, it all started when he was seven years old. One day a set of drums showed up in the house. "I would sit for hours practicing rhythms and playing along to records before I could even see over the drums. Soon, I got to the point where I could play in my church. I eventually started to play in local bands with guys much older than I was".

Early in Gerald's musical life, he spent time with the late, great bass player Joseph "Lucky" Scott who is probably best known for his work with the great Curtis Mayfield (Superfly, Curtis Live!, Roots, Something To Believe In, and Honesty. With Aretha Franklin he did Almighty Fire). A lot of this is probably known to "bass heads". Lucky was able to impart to Gerald the proper approach to music; how a musician thinks, approaches a piece of music, how not to dictate to the music what you want it to be. But rather, how to listen and let the music tell you what it wants to be. He also talked about how to develop proper work ethic. This was all Gerald needed at the time to continue his growth as a budding musician. These are concepts he still practices. Thanks Lucky for your wonderful influence!

Some of Gerald's major, early influences were Joel Smith, Steve Gadd, Billy Cobham Clyde Stublefield, Miles Davis and, Buddy Rich.

Some of Gerald's' contemporary influences are Jeremy Haynes, Chris Coleman, Terry Baker, Carter Beauford, Dennis Chambers, Charlie Adams, and Vinnie Colaiuta to name a few.

Gerald has played with many different bands with various musical styles. "It is important to have an open mind musically and to expose yourself to many different forms of music. The more you have in your bag the better off you will be. Never put all your eggs in just one musical basket. Always challenge yourself". These days Gerald is spending a great portion of his time at the piano challenging himself to write and compose.
Gerald's Medicine Man kit is a four-ply maple kit in a natural finish. It consists of a 20x18 kick, 10x7 tom, 12x9 tom, 14x14 floor tom (on legs), 16x14 floor tom (on legs) and a 13x7 brass Medicine Man Custom Drums 10th anniversary snare drum in black finish with brass hardware.

Gerald is proud and honored to play these fine hand made drums!

Twitter: @GWareThunder


Brian Tolbert
Queens NY.

Brian Tolbert Jr. has been playing drums every since the age of 3. He had his first drum experience at the garden of prayer cathedral COGIC in the Bronx ,NY and has been playing for churches all over new York ever since. Brian has crafted his own unique style around the styles of drummers such as Dennis chambers, JoJo Mayer, Tony Royster, Thomas Pridgen, and Ronald Bruner Jr. just to name a few. He is currently apart of a gospel group, based out of New York, by the name LIV’RE which is managed by Conrad Robinson, who discovered Alicia Keys, and gospel recording artist Roger Hambrick. In addition to his Medicine Man Custom Drum endorsement, Brian also endorses Xcel drumsticks and Soultone cymbals. His Medicine Man Kit consists of 8x8, 8x10, 10x12, 12x14 toms, 18x20 Kick Drum, and a 7x12 snare, all in a Cherry to Natural Fade finish.

www. Myspace. com/btolbertjr
www. myspace. com/livremusic

Justin Felder
South Carolina

Justin Felder is an independent drummer from South Carolina and has been playing drums for almost eight years. He plays all over the state of South Carolina and all over the southeast. Justin works closely with two of the top worship leaders in the state, Chann Carroll and Judd Wright. He plays in the pocket and always keeps a solid groove. He is great in live situations and also in the studio. He has recorded seven CDs throughout his career and has plans to record two more before this year is out. Justin Proudly endorses Medicine Man Drums and Hornet Drumsticks.

Justin's Medicine Man kit consists of an 18x22 kick drum, 10x12 top tom, 14x16 floor tom. They are wrapped in the white pearl with custom graphics, (To Live Is Christ) on the toms and the (Chi-Rho) symbol on the bass drum. You can check out Justin and the worship leaders at.

Justin Felder -
Judd Wright -
Chann Carroll -
Hornet Drumsticks -

Micah Beckwith
Indianapolis, IN.

Micah Beckwith is the drummer and co-founder of the indie pop band Attaboy. Hailing from Indianapolis , Micah has been drumming for 15 years. For the last 4 years he has been touring the country with his band and playing roughly 200 shows a year. While touring the country from New Hampshire to Nebraska, Ohio to Oklahoma, Micah has been playing high-energy shows and spreading a message of acceptance and hope. In July 2007 Attaboy recorded and self-released their full-length album "So Much for Today" and worked with Ian Eskelin (Stellar Kart, Everyday Sunday, Eleventyseven) to produce their four-song EP "California" in April 2008.

Micah rocks a smoky clear acrylic MedicineMan kit which includes an 18x20 kick, 10x12 rack, and a 14x16 floor.


Darin Dutcher
Jefferson City, MO

Darin and his band Mission 5:16 want to bring the light of the Lord to the World!

In the sixth grade Darin was introduced to drums, when he began playing percussion in the school band. It did not take long for him to fall in love with the drum kit. Around the same time, Darin became a Christian and he found that he could praise the Lord through playing the drums. While a teenager he played drums in the high school marching band, jazz band, and show choir. Along with other youth in his church he started a praise band. In college he continued to play drums in the college marching band.

As Darin grew into adulthood, he continued to improve his drumming by using his gift of drumming every chance he got at church. Eventually he was playing weekly in the church praise band as well as for special events and any other chance he had to drum for the Lord. In 2007 Darin joined Wade and Kyle in the Christian rock band Mission 5:16. Since that time, Darin and Mission 5:16 have continued to grow in their mission to reach the lost for Christ through music. They play for churches, youth events, summer camps, community events, amusement parks, and festivals. Darin has shared the stage with many great Christian artists including: Fee, Down Here, Caleb Rowden, Big Daddy Weave, Beautiful Republic, December Radio and many more.

Darin plays Medicine Man Drums
Toms: 8", 10", 12", 14", 16 toms, 14" snare, and 22" kick, all in yellow to orange fade. All set up with ISO rack mount system.

Tyler Beadle
Portland, Oregon

Beadle is an independent drummer originally from Mt. Pleasant, Texas. It was there that he received a drum set for his 14th birthday and soon after began building a reputation of reliability and professionalism in the local music scene. Beadle has performed with bands of virtually every musical genre from Texas and has traveled as far as New Mexico, Missouri, and Louisiana for various artists. His decision to relocate to Portland, OR was influenced heavily by his determination to expand his playing and discover new opportunities to showcase his Medicine Man Custom Drums to audiences. Beadle's drumming influences include Dave Grohl, Aaron Gillespie, Josh Freese, Tim Alexander, Chad Smith and Patrick Wilson.

Beadle plays a Medicine Man kit consisting of a custom batman 6x14 snare drum, with 8x12 and 16x16 toms, and a 14x22 kick all in the Medicine Man Custom "Riddle Me This" graphic finish.

Derrick J. Lowman
Hopkins, SC.

I have been a big fan of music all of my life especially Quartet. I begin playing drums at an early age and was inspired by Adrian Porter, which caused me practice and be better. I've played for many different organizations and I'm currently with Malaco's Recording Artist, Roy and The Revelation. I'm looking forward to the future, and with God and Medicine Man Drums I believe that I can succeed.
Derrick plays a 7"x13" Maple Snare Drum In A Custom White To Blue Fade Birdseye Wrap Finish.

Dangelo "D Smooth" Johnson

Dangelo currently plays for the "G Major Jazz Band" out of Baltimore,Maryland and also plays for the "TC1 Band". He has over sixteen years of playing and performing experience. He is currently playing on the "Play Your Way Through It" tour. He has also appeared on Fox 57 news.
He plays a 8"x14" Medicine Man Custom Icon Series snare drum in a custom SC "Gamecock" printed finish with white powder coated hardware.

Troy Felder
Baltimore, MD.

Troy is a minister of the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST with 23 yrs experience as a drummer. Troy started out playing at the age of 10 yrs old. At that time he started out playing for his home church in Baltimore,MD. Some years later he met and became the drummer for Patrick Henderson of the award winning West Angeles Cogic recordings. He traveled extensively with Henderson and was featured at Stone Soul Picnic for two consecutive years which is the biggest music event every year in Baltimore. With Henderson,he was featured at countless festivals,and concerts with major gospel artists such as the late Timothy Wright, Hezekiah Walker and Pastor Bruce Parham. It was during these times Troy's name became well known in the gospel industry. Troy then became the drummer for the late Will Smith and Victory and had his first experiences of studio and live recording. The live recording "Unforgettable Lover" was a local and national success which featured the no. 1 hit " You cant stop me" which was a studio track that was put on the live cd and showcased Troy's tight pocket and well executed chops. Troy's notoriety became greater and he became sought after in the industry.At this time Troy obtained engagements with other well known artists as Angela Spivey, the lengendary Angelic Voices, and Bruce Parham. Troy has shared the stage with many major gospel artists as John P Kee,Tye Tribbett,Hezekiah Walker too many to name all. Troy has been blessed to play for Marvin Saap, John Gray,Helen Baylor,Vickie Winans,James Greer,Chris Byrd,Angela Spivey and many more. Troy has also been on tour in the gospel play circuit. Troy can now be seen on local and international television broadcasts with his church Victory Ministries Intl under the leadership of his spiritual father,Pastor Tony Smith where Troy serves as band director. Troy also manages well known local artist Kim Mccargo-Dukes whom Troy recorded her 2009 live recording My Pain For HIS Purpose which is on all internet retailers and continues to do well.Troy is currently in the studio with Nu Destiny working on their debut project,due out in spring/summer 2011.After completion and release of the project a nationwide tour will follow.Also,Troy works with gospel hip hop artists Rockmell and Dee Black who has released respective projects early 2011. Troy is currently in the studio with local group Nu Destiny recording drums with the project and touring in mid August of 2011. Troy also is the exclusive drummer for RSS productions who's artist Tara Michel, Troy will be touring with in the summer of 2011. Troy is also staying busy with a tentative tour in the fall of 2011 with famed r& b singer Faith Evans. Troy lists his influences as George Spanky Mccurdy, Tony Royster,Aaron Spears,Chris Coleman,Brent Easton and fellow Soultone artist Lil Ron Allen.
Troy has upcoming projects and dates with such artists as Fred Hammond,Ricky Dilliard,Shirley Caesar and others. Troy plays a 9.5" x 14" Medicine Man Custom Floor Snare with legs in a custom Orange Stained finish with white powder coated hardware.


Lacretia Bolden
Cleveland, Ohio

Lacretia "T.T." Bolden grew up as a young child in church. Her mom, being a gospel singer, used to carry Lacretia along with her from church to church, averaging 8 to 10 services a Sunday. Being surrounded by music, it was only a matter of time before she found he lifelong hobby. She began playing the drums at the age of 2. All though, at that time, a lot of people did not allow her to play, she kept her determination. Her mother took her places where her gift continued to evolve. At the age of 12 Lacretia received her first job at a church, playing for their Sunday Morning services. She continued playing drums through high school, until her senior year when she began to play the piano. In 2004, Lacretia was awarded a Music Scholarship to attend Central State University. While attending Central State, She sang and played drums in the, Grammy nominated, Central State University Chorus. She also learn different styles of music by joining the schools Jazz Band and playing multiple R&B/ Hip Hop styles with local bands. She graduated in 2009 with a B.A. in vocal performance. In her post college career, her musical ability has allowed her to tour Germany and Italy on numerous occasions. She has also had the opportunity to perform with many local gospel artist, Richard Smallwood, The Cleveland Orchestra, and many more. Although she is a beautiful and quiet soul, she has a Hip Hop/R&B/Jazz/Gospel sound that will knock you off of your feet. Lacretia is a very talented young women, that plays a number of different instruments, but her heart always leads her back to her first love…..DRUMS!!!!

Lacretia plays a 8"x 14"Medicin Man Icon Series snare drum in a custom printed light blue to purple fade finish with black powder coated hardware.

C.J. Lewis
Columbia, SC.

My name is C.J. Lewis better known as CJeeZe. I am a session drummer from Columbia, SC. I have had the honor to play for a lot of artists. Just to name a few: Ashanti, James Brown Show Band, and Temptations Show Band. Also, have done studio work with Soul Unique, and The Groove Band. I am truly blessed to have used Medicine Man custom snares on all tracks and shows. I play all genres of music and I truly love what I do.

My snares are a Medicine Man 7"x12" segmented maple in a natural lacquer finish and a 7"x13" Medicine Man maple Icon Series in a custom printed Bubinga Finish with custom graphics. For more information please feel free to contact me at

Jon Papineau
Minneapolis, MN.

Jon "The Animal" Papineau is an energetic drummer that considers his kit an extention of his personality. His 7-piece custom drum set helps capture his playful, hard-hitting style.

"I started banging the drums at 10 years old. I've always wanted an "Animal" drum kit. Dana and his Medicine Man crew were fantastic to work with every step of the way. From concept, to design, construction, and all the way through the delivery process they made me feel like I was part of the family."
Jon's custom design features (2) 16 inch floor toms. "I thought it would be a way to maximize tonal variety in the smallest possible space and it worked out great." His 8X14 snare gives him a powerful crack to round out his wall of rhythm.

"They sounded great right out of the box. They are the most comfortable drums I've played yet. I love them and I wouldn't change a thing. I was working a local show for Guns N Roses Keyboardist Dizzy Reed. He said it was the coolest kit ever. Those are his words not mine, but I would have to agree".
As a member of the classic-rock band Slo Clap Jon has opened for 80's icons Lita Ford ,L.A. Guns, Asia, Foghat,The Sweet Blood Sweet and Tears, Great White, Kix, Survivor, Nightranger . He has also played the Broken Spoke Saloons in Laconia, NH and Daytona, FL in addition to festivals and fairs in ND and MT.

Jon's current project Dirtee Circus has him based in the Twin-Cities area. Last year they got the privilege to play with 38 Special, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Queensryche, Stryper, Lynch Mob, Jackyl, Bang Tango, and Enuff Z Nuff. This Summer you can catch the Circus playing with Kiss, Megadeath, Stone Sour, Hell Yeah, Vaudeville, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Device, and Otherwise just to name a few! His kit can be seen at festivals such as Halfway Jam, Rockfest, Spudfest, and events throughout the mid-west.

Every time I sit behind my drums and see Animal on my kick, it reminds me to give it my all. From the festival stage to the garage, no matter where I'm at or who's there, I always release the "Animal" within thanks to Dana and Medicine Man Drums.

My Medicine Man Icon Serie Kit includes 10", 12", 14" rack toms, (2) 16" floor toms, 20" kick drum, and 8"x14" snare all in a MM Custom printed Yellow to Red Fade Finish with "Animal" Graphics.

Thom Edmonds
Anderson, SC.

Thom started playing drums at the age of 9. He loved getting in his bedroom with his KISS posters and blacklights and pretending to be a rock star. He started in his schools' band program and then went to The University of South Carolina where he studied music and was taught by Jim Hall. After college, Thom played and recorded with numerous bands ranging from rock to reggae to country all over the southeast. He moved to Nashville TN where the real schooling began. Playing with world class players was an everyday occurrence in Nashville and he also studied under the incredible Charlie Adams (Yanni, Chameleon). Thom has played Medicine Man Drums for over 10 years now and his current setup is an incredible sounding kit in a custom honey maple satin finish. Dana is not only an incredible drum builder but also a dear friend. Thom resides with his wife Amanda in Anderson SC and is currently teaching privately and is the drummer for Lake Pointe Church in Seneca SC

Joseph "Showtime" Spivey
Brooklyn, NY.

Joseph Spivey grew up in a musical family. His father plays piano, guitar, bass, sings, and his brother plays drums and piano. At the age of fourteen, Joseph took an interest in playing drums. He got his opportunity to play drums at his home church "The Original COGIC" in Brooklyn, NY where his father is the pastor. At the age of seventeen, Joseph sought after a career in playing drums so he took several private lessons with Freddy Dugard and a couple lessons with Nathaniel Townsley. Using his God given talent and his teachings, Joseph took on the nickname "Showtime". He then landed in the drum chair of his fathers gospel group " The New Overcoming Men" who just recently completed their first album. He then auditioned and got the gig playing drums for upcoming artist Stephen Oran. Joseph "Showtime" Spivey is now serving as the main drummer of his home church, The New Overcoming Men, Stephen Oran, and many other churches around NY who calls on him. Now as Joseph continues to work hard as a drummer, he is now becoming involved in producing and song writing. His Medicine Man Icon snare drums are a 6.5"x14" 8 ply maple in a MM custom printed music note finish in purple & gray with black powder coated hardware and a 7"x14" maple in a MM custom printed green to white fade finish with a pic of his baby son with green and white powder coated hardware.

Chris "Wombat" Womble

Chris "Wombat" Womble: Drums, has been a drummer since he was seven. His uncle Lance Fuqua, a studio session drummer based in Phoenix, AZ. gave him his first lesson and the juices just flowed from there. Schooled and trained, Chris played in his schools concert band. After high school he ventured down south to study drums full time. Chris graduated from Music School, has been signed by two major record labels, several independent labels and has toured the world several times. Synapse, Snake Alley, ACE, Milestone, Dysinformation, Agents Of Chaos are some of Chris's past groups. Chris is currently the rummer/Percussionist/Songwriter and Co-Founder in the group "One Gun Shy". Chris's major influence is All Drummers! Although if he had to single out a few it would be John Bonham, Terry Bozzio, Carmine Appice, Tommy Lee and Shannon Larkin would be at the top of the list! The Drummer Drives! Chris has shared Stages and Legs of Tours with Aldo Nova, Eddie Money, Quiet Riot, Night Ranger, Great White, Dokken, Missing Persons, Foghat, Steppenwolf, Love Hate, Smile Empty Soul, Madlife, The Dreaming, Just to name a few…So don't forget to catch Chris and "One Gun Shy" Rocking at a Venue near you!

Chris uses Sonor Drums, Sonor/Ludwig/Medicine Man Snare Drums, Humes and Berg Cases, Gorilla Ears, Zildjian Cymbals, Gibralter/DW Hardware, Alesis, DDrum, Anvil, Shure, Audix, Vic Firth, Ahead, Remo, Aquarian, Attack, Porter & Davies, Rock Revival, Puma, Affliction and Harley Davidson products!

Edward "Ray" Jackson
Atlanta, GA.

Edward "Ray" Jackson was born on December 27th 1984. Raised in Atlanta, GA, he began playing drums at the young age of 10. He has played for all types of venues and all genres of music. Edward is inspired by many great drummers
including: Dennis Chambers, Calvin Rogers, Stokley Williams, Spanky McCurdy, Marcus Williams, and Aaron Spears. He is the current drummer for Saint Smyrna Baptist Church located in Newnan, GA. Edward plays a Medicine Man 8"x14" Icon Series maple snare drum in a custom printed Atlanta Falcons
finish with all black powder coated hardware.